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Abuse - Neglect - Protection Services - Children
Accounts Payable-Receivable
Acquired Brain Disorder
Administrative Boards
Administrative Rulemaking
Adoption-Foster Care
Adult Day Care Licensing
Adult Immunization Campaign
Adults - Disability
After School Care Licensing
Aid to the Needy Blind
AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Alcohol Abuse
Appeals - Grievances - Fair Hearings
Apply for Medicaid
APTD - Aid to Permanently & Totally Disabled
Arboviral Illness
Assisted Living - Seniors & Adults
Asthma Control
Avian Flu
Avian Flu, H7N9
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Behavioral Health
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System
Berlin District Office
Beverage & Bottled Water Inspection & Licensing
Billing and Collection Services
Birth Data Analysis
Blind, Disabled & Seniors Cash Programs
Boards - Administrative
Brain Disorder - Disability
Breast & Cervical Cancer Program
Breastfeeding Promotion & Support
Budget Updates
Bureau of Infectious Disease Control
Business Operations
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Cancer Control Program, NH, Comprehensive
Cancer Data Analysis
Cannabis Program, Therapeutic Use of
Careers - DHHS Jobs
Caregivers - Seniors & Adults
Cash Assistance
Certificate of Need
Cervical & Breast Cancer Program
Chemistry Services
Child Abuse - Neglect - Protection Services
Child Care Certifications & Credentialing
Child Care Licensing
Child Care Programs
Child Development
Child Health Insurance Program
Child Support Services
Child Welfare Services
Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Services
Children - Disability/Chronically Ill
Children - Special Health Care Needs
Children, Youth & Families
Children's Health Program
Chronic Disease Prevention and Screening Section
Claremont District Office
Climate and Health Program
Collection and Billing Services
Colorectal Cancer Screening Program
Commissioner's Office
Commodity Supplemental Food Program
Communicable Disease Control & Surveillance (Bureau of Infectious Disease Control)
Communications Office
Community & Family Health
Community & Public Health
Community Based Care
Community Health Development
Community Mental Health Services
Community Programs - Juvenile Justice
Complaint Resolution - Client or Employee
Concord District Office
Congregate Care- Seniors & Adults
Controlled Substances
Controllers Office
Conway District Office
Counseling Services
CSD Medical Assistance - Child Severely Disabled
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Dairy Sanitation Inspection & Licensing
Day Care Licensing
Day Care Programs
Death Data Analysis
Dental Programs and Information
Dental Services
Developmental Services
Diabetes Education Program
Diabetes, Prediabetes
Disabled Adults Services
Disabled Child Medical Assistance
Disabled, Blind & Seniors Cash Programs
Disease Control
Disease Surveillance
Domestic Violence
Drug & Alcohol Testing
Drug Discount Program - Seniors
Drug Abuse

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EAP - Employee Assistance Program
Early Childhood Education Programs
Early Childhood Education Programs - Licensing
Ebola Virus Disease
EBT - Electronic Benefits Transfer
Eastern Equine Enchephalitis-EEE
Elderly & Adult Services
Eligibility - Cash, Food Stamps, Medical Assistance
Emergency Assistance - Utility, Fuel, Deposits, Rent
Emergency Epinephrine Administration, Guidelines for Policy Development
Emergency Medical Treatment for Non-Citizens
Emergency Services Unit
Emergency Shelter - Housing Services
Employee Assistance Program
Employment & Training Services
Employment Opportunities
Environmental Testing
EpiPen Emergency Administration, Guidelines for Policy Development
Estate Recoveries
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Fair Hearings - Appeals - Grievances
Family & Community Health
Family Assistance Programs
Family Caregivers - Seniors & Adults
Family Day Care Licensing
Family Planning
Family Support - Disability
Financial Assistance
Flu, see also Influenza
Food Protection
Food Stamp Program
Foster Care - Adoption
Fraud Investigations
Fuel Assistance - Heating
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Glencliff Home
Governor's Commission on Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Grievance - Nursing Homes - Long-Term Care Ombudsman
Grievances - Appeals - Fair Hearings
Grocery Store Inspection & Licensing
Group Home Licensing
Guidelines for Policy Development of Emergency Epinephrine Administration
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H7N9, Avian Flu
HC-CSD - Home Care - Child Severely Disabled
Health Alert Network, NH
Health Care - Special Health Care Needs
Health Facility Licensing
Health Information Exchange
Health Insurance Premium Program (HIPP)
Health Officer Liaison Unit
Health Promotion & Nutrition (Nutrition and Physical Activity)
Health Services Planning & Review
Health Statistics & Data Management
Healthcare-Associated Infections
Healthy Child Care NH Program
Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention
Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention
Heating - Fuel Assistance
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis C
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HIV - Human Immunodeficiency Virus Prevention
Home Health Care, Hospice Provider & Homemaker Licensing
Homeless - Housing Services
Hospital Data Analysis
Human Resources
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Immunization Program
In & Out Medical Assistance
Infectious Disease Control Bureau
Infectious Diseases

Infectious Disease Prevention, Investigation and Care Services Section
Infectious Disease Team
Injury Prevention Program
Institutional Services - Juvenile Justice
Insurance Premium Payment - Medicare
Internal Audits
Interstate Child Support Enforcement
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J-1 Visa Waiver Program
Job Opportunities
Juvenile Justice Community Programs
Juvenile Justice - Institutional Services
Juvenile Justice Services
Juvenile Justice - Probation & Parole
Juvenile Justice - Residential & Non-Residential Services
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Katie Beckett Services
Keene District Office
Lback to top
Laboratory Services Certification & Licensing
Laboratory Testing - Public Health
Laconia District Office
Lead Poisoning Prevention Services
Licensing & Regulative Services
Licensing - Radiological Health
Littleton District Office
Long Term Care Ombudsman
Lyme Disease
Mback to top
Mammogram Services
Manchester District Office
Massage Practitioner - Establishment Licensing
Maternal & Child Health
MEAD - Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities
Meals on Wheels
Meaningful Use in the Division of Public Health Services
Mediation & Visitation Services - Child Support
Medicaid Billing
Medicaid Business & Policy
Medicaid Managed Care (MCM)
Medicaid Electronic Health Record Incentive Program
Medicaid Program - Title XIX
Medicaid Provider Information
Medical Assistance Eligibility
Medical Facility Licensing
Medical Marijuana, Therapeutic Cannabis Program
Medical Services - Severely Disabled Children (CSD)
Medicare Beneficiaries Savings - Part A & B Buy-In
Mental Health
Microbiology Testing
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
Milk & Dairy Inspection & Licensing
Minority Health
Nback to top
Nashua District Office
Newborn Screening Program
NH Colorectal Cancer Screening Program
NH Comprehensive Cancer Control Program
NH EASY Online Application System
NH Health Alert Network
NHEP - New Hampshire Employment Program
NHH - New Hampshire Hospital
Non-Residential Services - Juvenile Justice
Nursery School Licensing
Nursing Home Care
Nutrition and Physical Activity
Oback to top
OAA - Old Age Assistance
Obesity Prevention
Occupational Health Surveillance
Office of Improvement & Integrity
Ombudsman - Long-Term Care
Ombudsman Office
Online Application System, NH EASY
Operating Statistics Dashboards
Oral Health Program
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Past Due Utilities - Mortgage - Rent Assistance
Paternity Establishment
PBM - Pharmacy Benefit Management - Medicaid
Pease Testing
Portsmouth District Office (see Seacoast District Office)
PRAMS - Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System
Pregnant Women Medical Assistance
Prenatal Program
Preschool Program Licensing
Preschool Vision & Hearing Screening Program
Prescription Drug Assistance
Press Releases
Primary Care & Rural Health
Prior Authorization of Diagnostic Imaging Services
Privacy Protection - HIPAA
Probation & Parole - Juvenile Justice
Program Operations
Psychiatric Hospital
Psychiatric Hospital Licensing
Public Information Office
Public Health
Public Health Laboratories
Qback to top
QDWI - Qualified Disabled Working Individual
QMB - Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries
Rback to top
Radiological Health
Refugee Cash Assistance
Refugee Medical Assistance
Refugee Program
Regional Public Health Networks and Advisory Councils
Regulative & Licensing Services
Rent - Utilities - Mortgage Assistance - Past Due
Reportable Disease Surveillance
Residential Care - Seniors & Adults
Residential Services - Juvenile Justice
Resource Guide for Alcohol and Drug Prevention and Treatment Services
RFP - Request for Proposal
Rochester District Office
Rulemaking - Administrative
Rural Health & Primary Care
Ryan White Care Program
Sback to top

Salt Reduction
Scholarships & Subsidies - Child Care
Seacoast District Office
Seasonal Influenza
Second Hand Smoke
Security Deposit Assistance
Self-Sufficiency Programs & Services
Senior Programs & Services
Seniors, Disabled & Blind Cash Programs
Severely Disabled Children Medical Services
Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention
Shellfish Inspection & Licensing
Shelter Care Programs - Juvenile Justice
Shelter - Housing Services
Shelter Surveillance
SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
SLMB - Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries
Small Claims
Special Investigations
Special Medical Services - Children
Spenddown Medical Assistance Program
State Committee on Aging (SCOA)
State Innovation Model (SIM)
State Supplemental Programs for Disabled-Blind-Seniors
Step 2 Medicaid Managed Care (MCM)
Stroke Prevention
Substance Abuse
Suicide Prevention

Tback to top
TANF - Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
Tattoo Practitioner-Establishment Licensing
TB - Tuberculosis Control & Surveillance
Teens - Disability
Therapeutic Cannabis Program
Title XIX Medicaid Program
Title XX Day Care Programs
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Utilities Deposit - Overdue Bill Assistance
Vback to top
Vaccination Program
Vaccine Preventable Disease Control
Veterans, Bureau of Community Based Military Programs
Visitation & Mediation Services - Child Support
Wback to top
Welfare Fraud Investigations
Welfare Programs
West Nile Virus-WNV
WIC - Women, Infants & Children Nutrition Services
Women's Health Exam Services
World TB Day
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YDSU - Youth Detention Services Unit
YRBS - Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
YSC - Youth Services Center
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Zika virus
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